Frequently Asked Questions

*My child is interested in cooking, but doesn't have any real experience in the kitchen.  Will he or she be ok in class?

Yes! No skill level is required to take a cooking course with us.  Many students do have a strong command of the basics in the kitchen, and they will generally work a little more independently.  Those who need extra help need not be nervous, teachers are there to help them create their culinary masterpiece. 

*Do you have any boys in your cooking classes?

Yes, and we love it!  Boys make excellent chefs and they help to round out the class dynamic.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to find a class that has boys already in it.

*I just found out about these classes, but the session is half over.  Can my child still sign up?

Yes, as long is there is room in the class you are interested in, we will prorate the cost for the remaining classes in the session.

*My child has food allergies/intolerances.  

Will these classes be safe for them?

This is a tricky one, and it depends how severe the allergy or intolerance is.  In the past, I have had students with Celiac disease who cannot have even a trace of gluten in their food.  I altered recipes and made sure they had their own bowls and pans, and I didn't ever hear of a negative reaction from cross contamination.  In general, I steer away from using nuts, just to avoid potential allergy issues.  If I know someone with a nut allergy is in a certain class, I will avoid nuts altogether for the entire class.  Please let me know if there are foods your child needs to avoid, and I will do my best to make this a safe food environment for your child.

***side note, I have a daughter with nut allergies and a sister with Celiac disease, so I understand the need to be vigilant with potentially dangerous foods! However, that said, we are certainly NOT a certified gluten free, nut free, or allergen free facility.

*My child cooks all the time at home.  What can they learn from your course that they can't learn by experimenting at home?

Cooking at home is great, it's fantastic!  But, we believe there are also many benefits to cooking in a group class setting.  In our courses, students are encouraged to break the recipe down by ingredient and look at the function of each ingredient in the recipe.  They also taste the individual ingredients and discuss flavor profiles with other class members.  They will be introduced to new foods and different ways of preparing them, and they will have access to a number of culinary gadgets and tools that they may not have at home.

*Will my student actually make the food? 

Absolutely.  We believe the more hands on the recipe is, the more pride the student will take in his/her creation, and the more likely they will want to eat it and want to make it again.  Sometimes in class, students will work entirely on their on, sometimes in pairs, and sometimes in groups of 4 or 5.  Either way, there will be plenty of hands on for everyone.

*Does my child get to bring home the food they made in class?

Yes, they sure do!  Occasionally, a very hungry child will eat all of the food they've made in class, before they go home.  More often, they will go home with take out package containing the food they have made in class that day.

*My child will be gone for several classes during the session.  

Is there an opportunity for make up classes?

Yes, there are opportunities for make ups, but it can be a bit tricky.  First, we need to know before the missed class.  We shop, prep, and orchestrate how the class will run according to the number of students we will have.  If your child will not be in class, it helps us immensely to know that ahead of time so we don't waste time and food in preparation for a class they will not attend.  We make the same recipe in each class all week, so ideally, your student will be able to come to another class during the same week they will miss.  If this doesn't work, we can try to find another class during "class choice" week, when each class will be making something different.  This way, your child will not have a repeat class, and end up making the same recipe twice in one week.  

Finally, as there is a certain amount of mental acrobatics involved in arranging make up classes, we ask that you please limit them to two per session.